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Friday, May 24, 2019

The Road Traveled and The Road Ahead

Accepting and Welcoming Change

Hello, Hola, How is everyone. It's been a year, A WHOLE YEAR, since my last actual written post, but with the recent events in my life and the changes that’s to come with it, I thought what better way to return to the blog. A lot has gone on, a lot has changed with me, and a lot is going to change or at least be different. A little catch up is long over due. 


I don’t even know where to begin with what has been going on with me. Well… first off I completed junior college like a week ago and graduated with my associates of arts with a focus in communications. along with attending junior college, I also had to catch up on some other courses that I need for the future. To say I was overwhelmed is saying the least, but I manage to maintain A’s and a few B’s and got it done. Trust me when I say I had several breakdowns a day. I don’t know how to exactly say how much this means to me or how important this is to me that I have graduated with my associates, despite my personal issues with down playing this. I have a hard time celebrating the biggest accomplishments. I don’t have an explanation why I feel the need to down play this accomplishment. It’s hard for me to see how much this means at times, but I do see the importance of getting my associates because it shows the progress of this long road I started. I started my college career several years ago. At the start I had no clue what I wanted to do or even fully know who I was or wanted to be. I write about this and bring this journey to the blog because… This blog and what I’ve done with social media has helped figure out a piece of this journey that is my life. I cannot appreciate enough what the blog and everything with it has done for me and has helped me find my way. Which is why this was so important to me that I graduated. I have definitely felt the pressure of you have to have so much accomplished by a certain age and that has really caused me to completely down play this quarter stone. I look back and how I’ve gotten here and its worth it. I don’t think I would change the path I took to get here, to get to this exact point.  

The Process of Changing

Change is aways good, but why do I feel like it’s not. I fear change more than I thought I do. I sometimes feel like I self destruct to try and prevent any change from happening. I get so stuck in this comfort zone and fear leaving that space. I am slowly understanding and realizing just because it’s comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for me. I want change and accept change but what do I do to get change, that’s literally where I’m at and struggling with… Sometimes I feel like My comfort zone is my dark zone, I let myself fall in this pit of darkness and stay there. It’s scary to think and hard to admit that I find such comfort in this place. For so long I’ve kept myself here and sought out this place because I always felt like even when I was at my best I was made to think I belong there, or forced back into this place. I felt like everything good in my life would be taken away if I didn’t go to this place. I know better now, and I try my best to stay away from going there but I still find myself there sometimes, but I don’t let in consume me anymore. On those days I say… You know what, okay, have this day but this is all you get. I can take those steps on my own now to not be locked up for days, weeks, or months on end. Working towards the main goal means accomplishing smaller goals, which is exactly what my associates represents, or me taking the necessary steps to live in the light are all representations of me working toward change. I wasn’t always doing that. I say all that to talk about what’s to come… Now I don’t know exactly the final plan but the next step is for sure pursuing my bachelors and that is about as much as I know for now. Any education further than that is still being evaluated, but the door is there and it is open. What exactly does that mean…. I explain more when I know for sure exactly what my plan is. I just know for sure I am pushing forward. Now let's talk about some of the changes some of you guys have noticed. 

The Future of Jon Scott Fashion

Fashion was one of the main reason I started this adventure. Which is why it was incorporated in my name. Over the course of this journey as Jon Scott Fashion it has truly modeled, exposed, and helped me find… Me. Jon Scott Fashion will always have a place on my heart and will be the foundation of my future. I have somewhat tackled fashion and then dove right into the beauty industry and since dabbled in a few other areas. SXSW has really impacted and changed my me, which has changed me strategy and what I want to accomplish with my online presents. Im still trying to figure out exactly how I translate that on the blog and social media, but Im figuring all that out as I go. I have started rebranding and removing fashion from my name on social media, which surprisingly has sparked some people to reach out thinking I’m leaving this. Absolutely NOT. I owe this platform so much to who I am today and will continue to grow this blog as I grow, meaning sometime in the near future the name of the blog will change. Translating my goals online has re-sparked this fire in me that I haven’t felt since I first started. I can’t wait to fully let this creativity take over and create content that reflects what exactly I want and not try and fit in this mold. I mean look at who I am, I am not meant to fit into any mold other than me. 

To be continued.

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