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Monday, May 14, 2018

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself..

Where I've been, Body Positivity, Representation & Life Snaps and Updates..

Hey Everyone, 

Whew!!!! It has been a minute since I have done a written post, but many of you have known I wanted to focus on my youtube channel, which I have and like everything else; its a work in progress, I feel now is the perfect time to equally focus on both my channel and my blog. With that being said.. Written post are back on the table, eventually sometime I'll create a schedule best suited to have both blog and youtube content consistent. I have taken these last 5 months to take a step back and evaluate who I am and where I want to go in life and my overall goals for both my channel and blog. I am honestly in the best place I've ever been in a long time. I am confident in myself, I am HAPPY, and I am living my best life, haha. Im still on a journey of a self discovery but I am having a great time on this journey and now I'm willing and ready to open myself up and put more out there, what does that means.. I don't know, but we’ll find out together. 

I have been asked about how and what has gotten me to this point in my life and into the mental state I'm in. Two Things, I find this kind of wild that I would be asked this and in no way do I feel like I’m absolutely the best example or the right person to discuss this, I still have my issues and am definitely a work in progress, but I can at least admit that and still strive for a better me. Second, let me be clear I am not a professional and all of what Im going to talk about is what Ive done and has helped me to take care of myself and be where I am at. Everyone walks their own path and should explore their own, but here is how I started my path and started my journey. 

Body Positivity

I am clearly not the perfect example of a healthy and fit lifestyle. I have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember, but always maintaining and trying to remain somewhat a routine. I have been put down about my weight all my life especially since my family looked at my older brothers and how they were star athletes and always in the best shape. I would always get comments like “What Happened with This One”, “Every family has the obese child and you are it” or even greeted with “you’ve gained MORE weight” before even getting a proper hug or hello.. You get the picture. I am typically not the one to let peoples opinions of me effect me, but as I’ve gotten older I realized I have subconsciously grown to hate myself and hold back from what I felt I loved. I have always been afraid to take outfit pics, create look books, and other fashion related content, that I would love and always had the desire to create but whenever I would have an opportunity to create this content I would have a panic attack the night before and come up with numerous excuses the next day why I will not be participating in the shoot. Shoutout to my friends for putting up with that!! It took me 10 years to realize how I really hated myself internally and carried this stigma when someone would call me big, plus size, or any other term about my weight. I would get so defensive. I've always had a defense mechanism where I would make fun of myself, which would cause many to laugh, but little did anyone know The jokes I so quickly came up with were actually things I told myself when looking in the mirror, Self hate is no joke. I am finally accepting this weight journey is apart of my story and thats perfectly okay, and before I get those comments like how can you support and encourage obesity.. First of all, I will discuss what I want and how I want and I am only talking about this because I am standing in my truth and accepting everything about who I am and if you do not like that then you can stop reading here and go to the next blog. I am standing here today and telling you I do not hate myself because of my weight and do not listen to the opinions of society who think that my weight is a problem, better yet an epidemic, because You all love to throw that word when its about "Health". You don't see all that I do for myself, how I am working on myself by working out and TRYING to maintain a healthy lifestyle and let me be the first to say I struggle, I DO. You need to look at this how I am promoting self love to a road  which will lead me to happiness and acceptance. This has been a HUGE and crucial part of my journey to where I am today. Self love is important and should be apart of your self care routine. And for my last point, I find it so important to surround yourself with people that will see you, all of you and stand beside you and hype you up, EVERYONE needs a hype man. which brings me to my next point….


THE POWER OF REPRESENTATION IS SO IMPORTANT. I would repeat it for the ones in the back, but you see where this is going. If it wasn't for representation I wouldn't have been able to look at myself and come to the revelation I did. I am Here, I am Queer, and I am Beautiful. It’s influencers like Gabi Fresh, Nicolette Mason, Grace Victory, and Other influencers in the Plus Size Fashion World that inspired me to be confident and love MYSELF first, always. I would get so offended when people would call me plus size in the past because I felt like the way that word is used or portrayed was always negative. ITS NOT. I’ve grown to love myself and say, You know what, I am plus size, I do carry more weight then other, but that doesn't make me any less beautiful then the next. I have grown into this person who is unapologetically myself and could care less of the amount of vomit emoji, and rude comments I get. I used to delete those comments and hope no one saw them but.. now I find pleasure in trolling these people or letting these people represent themselves in that comment. I remember the times people would look at me wherever I go dressed the way I dress and laugh, I would always shake it off in the moment, but once alone I would break down over it. I have always had people take pics of me or try to make fun of me by the way I dressed and I just remember my aunt, Jac, quoting Harry Winston "People Will Stare, Make it Worth Their While" and I feel like I have now embodied that quote and here we are. IM BOOKED, HAHA. I have come to accept and love who I am and tell myself I will get better, but because I want to, not because this is what society wants or anyone else pressuring me to. The power of seeing someone who is just like you, doing big things, and breaking social norms is the most liberating feeling. We are in an Era where Social Norm Violations is a trend, I read that on instagram the other day and LIVED. I hope to inspire people to be themselves and nothing else. I want to see someone like me at the age I started developing self hate and self destructive tendencies to see me and realize you are important, and you have value. Everyone deserves the world and more.

Where I am at in Life

These Last 5 Months have been absolutely insane, from Speaking at and attending SXSW, School, and just Life all coming at me at once.. I have had an amazing time. My mom has taken over my management side and has been just killing it, watch out Kris Jenner. Haha. I completed another semester of college with full-time hours, and it was insane. Don't think I can go through that again but I'll work it out, because it has to. That is what kept me busy most of the time and then SXSW was among me. Can I just say, I finally realized I am no longer the Twenty-One year old who would pull all nighters and party, I mean I’m 26 but It took me a minute to recover from SXSW. Overall, it was amazing to speak on a Youtube Panel, and host some live segments at the Gaming Convention. Thank you all to who showed me love and support. I was so scared, but the most memorable thing was having BOTH my parents, yes even my dad from overseas, support me and see me during an opening ceremony where I was sitting on stage. They have fully supported me through everything and I can say I truly know what it feels to be blessed. Throughout this Post you’ll see pics from these last 5 months and I am here to say, I am back with my content creating. I didn't know exactly where I saw this post going, I just knew I wanted to answer some of you all's questions and hopefully I did, I will probably expand more on steps or factors that played into my journey but I leave you with this today. Its been a struggle to get here, not gonna lie, but like everything it requires work. I feel the difference in myself and see it as well. The satisfaction of knowing The Ground I Stand On, My Happiness, The Smile on My Face, and The Person I am today was because of me, I did that. I can't wait for what the future holds and where I go from here, But I know for sure I will bring you guys along for the ride.

See You Guys at BeautyCon!! 

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