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Thursday, March 9, 2017

What's In My Bag?

Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Backpack
And GiveAway

Hey Guys, Welcome back to my channel. Its time for another Whats In My Bag video!! As well as a Giveaway! Anyways, Like I said in my Video, Im in a working relationship with this bag, It isn't instant love when I got it, like my Celine, but I do think its beautiful. Mostly everything in this bag is the same, except I have the two new sunglasses which I didn't realize until after I filmed and went back to my video and realized, I NEVER showed my Celine Sunnies. I absolutely Adore these two sunglasses. Anyways, I have eyeshadow palettes in my makeup bag now and a few other stuff, in my TWO makeup bags. I need to really look into just having one makeup bag. Now lets get into my schedule, besides this next coming week with SXSW Im pretty much steady busy and not super busy. I WILL be posting a new video every Wednesday and VLOGS will most likely be on the weekend. I have a few lost Vlogs that I recently recovered. Well I Love You Guys always. And Good Luck to Those who Enter. 

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