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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lost Footage Chronicles

The Formation World Tour & ACL 2016 VLOG

Hey Guys Welcome to My Lost Footage Chronicles, So I Lost all My VLOGS I had ready to upload awhile back, I dropped my Hard drive in an airport and disrupted all the files!! It was so devastating, but at last I have recovered the videos and will be spontaneously uploading VLOGS here and there. This ones took place around September 22- October 3rd.. which was in a span of a week of each other, I would have more snapchat footage but between now and then I replaced my phone so I lost those stories. Also guys, I really just had fun with this VLOGS I feel like they give me a chance to play around with editing and special effects. So if its too much, My Apologies. There is a Blooper in the end that I say What The Hell Urban Outfitters, Lol, basically in the middle of filming the chainsmokers The sent a push notification and I tried to close it and it closed the camera and launched the website. Lol. It was funny in the moment. I had so much fun again at ACL but I wish I did the three days like last year but we had events and other obligations to meet. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the VLOG, If you have any questions on things Im wearing, places I went, anything of that nature please feel free to reach out.. Also I had no idea there was a spider in my hair at Cafe Java I literally noticed when I filmed this, Let me know if you saw it!! Lol! Well Thanks again, Please Subscribe and See you again next Wednesday! 

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