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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Good American Review

Breaking Down The Walls of Fashion

Its All About Good American Today. So I was a bit skeptical about these jeans, I’m not going to lie, only because I am not much of someone who gravitates to jeans or denim really. I typically wear leggings or jeggings, it’s just what I'm comfortable in, but what interested me in this brand is the message and what the company is trying to accomplish. I will admit the price is very steep, I usually don't pay over $50.00 for my jeggings/leggings, so it was hard to commit. I will honestly say it took me a few days contemplating which jeans to buy. But lets go ahead and jump right into my experience and what made me take the plunge.

Ordering and Shipping
I ordered my jeans directly from the Good American’s website. Good American breaks up the jeans into three categories, Good Legs, Good Cuts, and Good Waist, since Im 6’2, and I have these long stems, I went with Good Legs. I knew for sure I wanted the Good Legs Raw Edge in Black 003, because I needed a good pair of black jeans. At first I was just wanting one pair because of the price but after exploring the #GOODAMERICAN hashtag on instagram I decided on the Good Legs Blue 006 as my second pair. Going through checkout was fairly simple, you have the option for PayPal or secure checkout through their site. I ordered around 7am on a Friday with my morning coffee, That same day around 5pm I got a shipping notification. They ship through UPS, and I was notified they would be delivered that following Wednesday. Overall Ordering and Shipping went really smoothly from their direct website. I ended up ordering two more pairs, but I ended up ordering from Nordstrom to compare. I ordered them on a Monday and Wednesday I received a shipping confirmation, Which in my experience is typical Nordstrom fashion. I am a packaging obsessed person and I loved the simple box and packaging of the box, also how they wrap their jeans in this thick paper with a “GA” sticker.

The Denim
I’m not going to lie and say I was nervous, I have always had an issue with jeans and sizing. Im typically just not comfortable in them, and every time I've purchased them… It just wasn't a great experience. As excited as I was to receive my package, I was also nervous. After getting home from class and more shopping, my package was waiting for me. First impression of the jeans, The Raw Edge Black felt exactly like some of my jeggings I typically purchase, I was a little shocked because thats not what I was expecting, but also very happy. The Good Legs Blue were a little more on the denim texture. I can see where the brand is going with the design and material, and to be honest I'm here for it. Overall the quality and design was great just by looking at them and holding them up. At the same time I will admit I kept thinking to myself almost $200 for a pair of what feels like jeggings. It was the moment of truth.

The Fit
The moment of truth. I first tried on the Raw Edge in Black 003 first, As soon as I put them on I was in love. They absolutely concurred the majority of problems I have with jeans and I was so impressed. I don't think I have ever had a pair of jeans that fit so well. To address the issues I’ve had with jeans in the past; my thighs were to big and the waist fit, or the jeans fit my thighs but was too big for my waist. These jeans fit both areas providing the same hugging in each area. There was no gap, anyone with this problem knows exactly what the gap is/was. There is no folding of the top part of the jeans. No uncomfortable bunching between the legs and thighs.  No saggy butts and mom jean fit. They were comfortable to sit in and move around. This was Major, You know when something fits and you just love it cuz it fits and you feel good. Totally my first impression. I tried on the second pair and I could already tell a difference in stretch and material. These felt more like denim and had some give, not a lot, but there was some to work with. They fit to be clear but I think the other were so comfortable because of how much give there was but I was still impressed and enjoyed these. I just felt like the other pair was much more comfortable. I will say now that I have worn all the ones I have, The darker the jean, the more stretchy they are, and obviously the lighter the denim, the less stretchy they are. 

The Wear
I wore Three different pairs for exactly 8 hours each and I will say, The remained comfortable the entire time. You know how sometimes as time progresses and your doing stuff things just get real sometimes. These remained true to fit, no stretching and becoming bigger, and everything was where it should be, well sort of. One thing I did notice is it rides up a tad, and things scrunched but I think thats from walking and just normal with wear for long periods of time. I will say I wore the Good Leg 002 (Not Pictured) and the leg seemed to twist on my leg and cause the hole to be off to the side, rather then on my knee. Overall I was excited to say I found jeans that work for me.

The only thing I noticed about the jeans is that the fit was more of an ankle fit for me. I’m 6’2 so of course a lot of stuff isn't going to fit me length wise, but I do Wish the came a little below the ankle. I looked on their instagram and the website and saw a lot fit in the same general area so maybe they are supposed to fit like that, but I do like Jeans that are a little lower. Maybe adding a Short, Regular, and Tall option to the line could resolve that. The brand did just launch so I see the potential for growth. Other thing was on the Good Leg 002 I did mention in The Wear section about the way the hole sat on my knee. On the Good Leg Raw Edge in Black, I do not like the fraying on the bottom. I’ve never been a fan, and that also kept me from purchasing some of the more popular styles. Overall this was all minor things I found that I didn't like, personal preferences. 

I wanted to include this in the post and give this its one little section. I have been asked several times, Is it worth the price. In my opinion, if you can splurge and spend the money on a good pair of Denim, I would definitely say go for it and give Good American a shot. When you know something will fit and is very on trend when it comes to denim, do it. I am by no means saying save up and go out and buy a pair and blow all your money. I found a Denim line that works for me and I will return time and time again. I believe Good American is a unique brand with a message and offers what many denim lines don’t and I am 100% supportive of what they stand for. It has been a while since I’ve found a denim line that I can turn to when I need a good pair of jeans that offer trendy styles that will fit me, there is more affordable brands that offer the same, but as far as quality and product, I do believe Good American delivers and doesn't exclude anyone from their line and to me that is worth it.

Final Thoughts
Is Good American now your go to Denim Line?
Yes, absolutely. Ive always had a struggle trying to find trendy stylish denim for someone of my size. I will def be turning to Good American for more jeans.

Would I Recommend Good American to Others?
If you have the opportunity to get a pair I would definitely recommend you give them a shot, I was not disappointed at all.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how satisfied were you, 10 being overly satisfied?
Honestly, an 8, I would like to see a consistency across all pairs of denim. But I understand the materials very from color to color and overall there is always going to be a difference. I pretty much tackled everything from likes to dislikes in the post so overall I gave them a Solid 8 almost 9.

That Concludes this review, Overall Im excited for whats to come with the brand and the more styles they will be putting out. I feel so much more confident in jeans again and thats just a great feeling. I struggle with buying jeans but now I feel like that struggle was no more. I needed a pair of jeans for an event and I went to Good American and Purchased with Ease and No Fear.

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