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Monday, November 28, 2016

Product Showdown Vol. 1

LUSH Mint Julip vs Tarte Lip Facial 

Hey everyone Im back with a new video, which is a first in my new series. Like I said in the video I will be putting similar products on the market to the test and I will talk about the results, packaging, usage, and overall performance. I am open to request on any products you guys are interested in. I am open to anything in the beauty world, including makeup, skincare, really anything you guys want to see. Lets talk about Lips, Lip Scrubs that is. Lol. Like I said both products have performed very well, I think it just came down to preference on packaging and storage. I prefer things not in a jar, sanitary reasons and keeping the product from being fully exposed. Plus I didn't like how the LUSH lip scrub easily fell out of the jar and I wasted a lot. Over all you get to use most of the product with the Tarte Lip Facial, which is overall why I preferred that lip scrub. Also I didn't realize I wasn't in focus during this video. Well Let me know what you guys think of this video and the idea of the series and also some products you want me see put to the test against each other. Hope you guys enjoy, I love you and Thanks for Watching..

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