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Friday, October 14, 2016

My Favorite Sunglass Collection

Sunglass Collection

Welcome back to this Exciting Video! I have literally been planing out this video for some time now. I had this vision in my head of how I wanted this video to look, and I feel like it surpassed what I envisioned. I knew I wanted to make this video once I watched Desi Perkins Sunglasses Collection which I must admit, I was heavily inspired by, but who isn't with Desi's Videos. Overall, I feel like the vibe and the overall esthetics of the video are very me, and I am so proud of the finished product. I have been playing around on my video editing software a little so I could try some new thing and learn cool features. I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it.

So lets Talk Sunglasses, First off, These are not all of my sunglasses, I've been a huge sunglasses obsessed person since I was young. So to not have a forever long video I picked my more recent favorite sunglasses. From there I divided the video into two parts, I started with my favorite Non-Designer sunglasses first, which by the way I did not realize all my Non-Designer Sunglasses are Quay Australia, which I did put them in order of purchase. Second part I dove right into my favorite designer sunglasses, which I did as well put them in order of purchase. I will link the sunglasses below or something similar. 
*If Sunglasses Do Not Have a Link, Means They are Sold Out, Discontinued, or Couldn't Find* 

Big shoutout to the People on Trap Nation's YouTube Channel as Well as Lowly's Palace's Channel for This Amazing Song. It took me by surprise and I instantly knew this is the song I needed for this video.

Products Seen or Used to Film This Video


Anastasia Beverly Hills GlowKit in That Glow Shade Dripping in Gold


Gucci "GG 2794"

Dior " GLOSSY 1"

Stella McCartney "SM 4052"

My Glasses "TOM FORD"


Another Giveaway, I've been talking about this one for awhile!! I originally wanted to do a back to school giveaway but, Jesus H Guurrrl! I got so busy out of nowhere! but Here we are!!  All the Giveaway Terms and Conditions are on The Form, Below You will find The Products Pictured..

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