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Friday, April 1, 2016


Activewear Brand’s I Love

Hey Guys, Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm super excited for this post, I am finally introducing fitness into my blog. So as a first fitness post I am working with my good friend, Clarissa, to bring you guys a review of one of my favorite brands of activewear, lululemon athletica. As always I just want to say, I was not sponsored or paid for this review, The views and opinions are my own and my friends own personal experience. Lets go ahead and jump right in.

The Brand

lululemon athletica, makes technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits. As stated on their website. Me personally the brand offers a unique style and look to athletic apparel. I appreciate the brand for taking athletic apparel to another level with their designs and approach to the market. I also appreciate the involvement to the community wherever the have a location. I appreciate a company that gives back.

The Outfit

Wild Tank
So lets talk about the outfit pictured. The top is the Wild Tank, which I'm obsessed with the look of this top, So from the lululemon athletica website, They designed this “sweat-wicking” tank with an open back so you can keep cool and show off the strappy bra. The top has low-cut armholes which give you room to move and freedom for your workout. 

Overall Thoughts; The shirt to her was definitely flowy, very lightweight, and kept her cool throughout her workouts. Overall she loved the design of the shirt and appreciated it. She did also mention it is definitely an eye catcher.

What would she change; She did say after one wash the bottom edge of the material started to fold and noticed a couple of snags, so overall the quality should be a little higher to get more usage out of the top. Also for personal reasons she does prefer for the support to be a little more padded, The shirt has a built in sports bra. Also she stated she would have gone up a size because the bra part of the top was a little snug but she did say after beginner her workout it felt fine. Which is one thing I noticed in my own experience that the sizing can play tricks. 

Inspire Tight II
The bottoms pictured are the Inspire Tight II, another style that I am absolutely obsessed with. The lululemon athletica website doesn't really offer their insight behind these bottoms, so we’ll just talk about our insight.

Overall Thoughts; She loved the details in the pants, The mesh inserts was a nice touch and also she felt secure in them, meaning they wouldn't sag or ride up. She liked that it kept her warm but maintained a level of breathable comfort, but once it did become warmer she doesn’t think she will get to wear them much. I don't blame her because these Texas summers are no joke. Overall she was really pleased with the bottoms.

What would she change; The only thing she stated was that the waist band isn’t very stretchy, so getting them was a task, but once they were on it was fine. It did not keep her from working out or caused dis-comfort. That was the only thing she mentioned. Like I said, overall she was really pleased. 

My Overall thoughts on the brand

Like I stated earlier on in the post, I love the unique style lululemon athletica brings to the table and their overall approach to athletic apparel. I have had very similar experience with lululemon athletica as Clarissa’s. Very comfortable and secure workout experience in the clothing. Pretty much pleased with every purchase I have ever made. I have also had same problems as well, Some material after one wash folded over or I noticed snags. Material not stretching enough and made getting them on a hassle, mainly in my case. Overall Im pleased with purchases and overall satisfied with the brand.

Final Thoughts

Is lululemon athletica our go to Workout gear?
We both had similar answers, If we had more, Yes it would be our go to, for sure.

Would We Recommend lululemon athletica to others?
Definitely will recommend the brand to others, We both haven’t had terrible experience or really anything bad from lululemon athletica. So yes we would highly recommend.

On a Scale from 1-10 how satisfied were we, 10 being overly satisfied?
We both give lululemon athletica a 10 because overall we just have always had satisfying experiences with them and definitely plan on expanding our collection. The only thing I would like to see is some improvement on material wear, especially after one wear and wash. However I do like that they stand behind their quality and if you do show them your concerns they listen and will look into the problem actively, which is why my score was not bumped down to an 8. 

That concludes the review of one of my favorite activewear brands. Huge thank you to my friend Clarissa for trying on and modeling the clothes, as well as doing this review with me. When it comes to fitness, I am a little camera shy because I have a long way to go on my fitness journey. As always links will be down below. I’d like to hear from you guys as to what you want to see and I appreciate you guys for reading and until next time.


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