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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Own Top 5 Designer Handbags

My Own Top 5

In honor of it being the first day of Spring this weekend I'd thought I'd share one of my most recent Spring Cleanings. I recently was cleaning out my closet and going through all my old stuff and getting rid of things I don't use, one thing I never-EVER go through are my handbags. Sitting in my closet I was starring at all the boxes and just thinking I only ever rotate the same bags over and over, so why do I still have all these bags. So after thinking about it for awhile, I FINALLY consolidated my handbags. I narrowed my collection down to 5 bags that I still use or use every now and then. As far as the others go, I did give almost all of them back to my parents who purchased most of them, two bags I did donate to a local charity where they will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to their organization. Once I get the dates and more info on when the auction will be I will definitely provide the information if you are interested. I don't know exactly what my parents are going to do with the rest, I didn't feel right selling or donating them when they are the ones who purchased most them, I will let them make the final decisions. So lets talk about the 5 bags I did stay with. 

Louis Vuitton "Eva Clutch" in Damier

I figured we'd start smallest to biggest. I was always on the fence about this bag for years, because I've only ever had or liked oversized bags. The reason I finally gave in was because I went to a Music festival last year and lugging around a huge bag did not sound fun, especially being in Texas heat and outside 95% of the day. I was really impressed and loved the bag once I bought it, not only did i use it for the festival, but I found myself using it when I wanted a light weight easy bag. So when it came down to deciding to keep it or part ways, I had to really think about it. 

Pros; Small, Lightweight, Easy and Not in The Way, Holds More The what was Expected, and Long strap wear as cross body.

Cons; Sometimes I forgot it, Can Easily become full (when throwing receipts, or other random things in like I'm used too), Plate scratched easily, and sometimes slides off if just thrown over shoulder.

Overall I decided it was a keep, just because it is the only bag I have like it. 

*And also this bag I did not buy brand new, I purchased it second hand and it was authenticated, I thought I'd share that because I am open to second hand designer bags.

YSL "Sac De Jour" Clutch in Black Patent

Next up, Of course I kept this clutch. I feel like I should be in Gossip Girl when I bring this out, Sorry I've recently decided to re-visit my obsession and binge watch it on Netflix Lol. I just love everything about this clutch, its just sleek, classic, and overall a subtle statement. I don't use it often, but when I do... It Comes Through.

Pros; Goes with everything pretty much, can pull a look together, large clutch, and its just everything.

Cons; too structured (I really like Floppy no structure clutches), Can easily be filled due to narrow structure, narrow, and this last one is my fault, small blemish on the front (flat irons and YSL don't get along)

I didn't have to think too long about this... It was a Keep. Every time I pull it out I fall in Love with it just as I did when I first got it.

Louis Vuitton "Speedy 40" in Classic Monogram

Its safe to say there is a trend here. Lol. My next bag is My Speedy. This is a classic bag, and my first louis, but not this one, Ill talk about this later. So when it came down to thinking about this bag, I overall love it. I love how its a nice not so structured bag that can easily be paired with a relaxed outfit. Which you know Im all for relaxed outfits. I haven't really been using it lately, but taking it out and seeing it, made me realize why I wanted it in the first place.

Pros; Classic Style, Monogram provides a Neutral color that goes with most of my outfits, perfect oversized top handle bag, and easily dress up or down.

Cons; Top handle only, oversized can become easily heavy, oils from hands/arm can stain the handles which looks like its turning black, opening in the bag is restrictive and you can easily lose things or can't find them, and I wish the interior had a larger pocket on the inside.

I thought about this one, even slept on it, because It really has been awhile since I've used it, but i do find myself thinking or considering it as an option for awhile and since it is a Classic "iconic" bag, I decided to keep it. I do wish however I got the bandolier which has a shoulder strap and is the same shape as the speedy, or I wish the made the Speedy 40 in Damier, but I'll take what I got. 

Louis Vuitton "Neverfull GM" in Damier

I feel like anyone who knows me, knows I am not parting ways with this bag. Lol. This bag and I have been attached to each other ever since I bought it. I Love it so much. It's in my opinion the perfect tote, its a great size, its very durable, and just EVERYTHING! I obviously knew going into to this I was not going to part ways, but Im still gonna give like a mini review like the other bags. 

Pros; Perfect oversized tote, I love that the handles over time form to fit your shoulders, Nice and effortless, and overall a great bag that fits the needs for every situation. 

Cons; Can easily get heavy, I wish there was a way to keep things organized, Straps can become painful especially when its on the heavy side, and sometimes can get in the way.

Even though there is cons to the bag, I still really love it. I loved this bag when I travel, its not convenient when traveling cuz things get un organized quickly, but I pretty sure there is a way. Im going to figure it out. Overall Im obsessed with this bag. 

Celine "Phantom" in Embossed Croc Black Leather

This is my most recent bag, so I definitely was not going to part ways. Also Its my first and only Celine bag. I have been obsessed with it and I just want to take it everywhere and just live in it. Clearly I saved my two favorite bags for the end, but I do only switch between this bag and my Neverfull. I never knew how much I needed a black bag in my life. Like my Neverfull, I will provide a mini review.

Pros; Gorgeous sleek style, Unique shape and look, Noticeable quality in the construction of the bag, and pretty much goes with all my favorite outfits.

Cons; Heavy (even before putting anything in it), straps that hang are too long to just carry and needs to be put around arm, too bulky to throw over shoulder, and did I mention it was heavy.

I don't think I will ever part with this bag, its literally everything I hoped for. I kind of want another one but I'm just so pleased with this one I can't even think of another bag I absolutely want right now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I am very into spring cleaning right now and decluttering my closet. I did keep one other bag just because of sentimental value, I could not part with it. Let me know what you guys think and share what you want to see. 

Thank you


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