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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jon Scott’s Obsession

Kendra Scott + Jon Scott Update #2 and My Shoe Obsession 

Time for another update on my obsessions, this one is real quick and easy, one of them is probably more of an addiction but you can decide, Lol. We of course have some Kendra Scott to go over, I’m still going back and forth on certain Kendra Scott pieces, So I've been avoiding Kendra Scott all together before I just buy all the pieces I want. Haha. So lets get into the KS update and then we’ll talk about another obsession. 

The Shelton Necklace

This was a birthday addition to my collection, and I’ve loved it ever since I got it. This necklace is literally everything I had been waiting for from Kendra Scott, You know when you really want something and like you constantly complain about it and it finally happens and you can’t help but feel responsible. That is exactly how I felt with this necklace. I had been complaining for months that I wanted a “Y-Style” Necklace from Kendra Scott so it could match my favorite cuff in the world, and it finally happened. Everything about this necklace is what I wanted, The simple bar detailing at the end and the Y part of the necklace and the gold to match my cuff. Im super obsessed with it and in Kendra Scott tradition can easily be a layer piece. Overall its perfect. You know I never have complaints about Kendra Scott. 

My Current Shoe Obsession

Okay, those of you all who know me, know I have a problem with this next topic. I’m always shoe shopping, buying shoes I don't need or will never wear, but I have noticed lately I am only looking for this style or something similar. I’m just really loving the lace-up/strappy flats or sandals. I’ve only really found this one pair so far that Im obsessed with, but I am on the hunt for more… of course. I have already worn these out and they were s comfortable and easy to style. I really want more. These are the Steve Madden Bambina Flats that I purchased on Hautelook.

So that is it for this obsession post, I will link all the items down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and as you can tell I am trying to post everyday this week.


Steve Madden Flats (Similar)

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