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Friday, March 4, 2016

February Favorites

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Welcome back to another Favorites post. Not Much going on besides my birthday this month. I was trying out a lot of new products, so I couldn't really pick out favorite items. Many items I was using were from my January favorites and I didn't want to repost/discuss them again, but be sure to check out that post. 

  • Love and Salt Spray
This product was a random find in Anthropology that I instantly came to love. I am trying to style/rock my natural hair but Its not really going for me. I have naturally wavy/beach curls hair, which wasn't always the case. I used to have super tight curls to the point where I would always keep it short because I had not discovered a flat iron yet, anyways, I’ve been trying and I love the texture the spray gives my hair and gives that just left the beach look. The only con of this product is, because it is a Salt spray it does dry out the hair when using, but the texture of that just left the beach hair typically looks more dry and salty. Lol. I’ll keep you all updated on how rocking my natural hair goes, because its off to a bumpy start. 

  • Dramatically Different Moisturizer Clinique
I tried out a new moisturizer this month and fell in love with it. Now I know what your gonna say, In my favorites video I said I was obsessed with the Clinique Extended thirst relief moisturizer.. but I did notice that I was starting to become a lot more oily in my T-zone area as the weather warmed up. So I decided to try out one that is specifically for combination skin, which I must say with the weather is working just how I need a moisturizer too during spring/summer.


  • From Indian Lakes - Wanderer EP
As far as music goes for the month of February, I had this EP on repeat. I am a Huge fan of From Indian Lakes, ever since I first discovered them opening for one of my favorite bands back in 2013. I have followed the band and evening gone to other shows where they are the opening band. The band just creates beautiful music and can truly hypnotize you with their music. So when the announced the release of their new EP Wanderer I instantly went to go check it out. I fell in love with the EP, I was definitely needing some new music which they did provide, but they also provided acoustic versions of some of the songs off their Absent Sounds album which made me appreciate those songs that much more. It was a good teaser for the upcoming album. If I had to choose my favorite song off the EP it would definitely be a tie between “The Bad Parts” and “Come In This Light - Acoustic”.

Sorry there wasn't more to discuss this month. If you guys want some haul videos/post let me know, I will be more then happy to provide those. Again, Thank you guys so much for reading.


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