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Monday, February 1, 2016

Jon Scott's Obsession

Kendra Scott + Jon Scott Update #1

So after the original post I was really into what I owned, which I still am, I ended up not really buying new pieces. I did end up getting two new pieces, which I am finally introducing, and I did get one of these I think the day of the first post or like a few weeks after, Haha, I can’t really remember. So this post has been much needed for a while. So lets talk about my newest Kendra Scott necklaces, which I might add are very different from my previous purchases.

The Caleb Necklace (The Last Necklace At The Bottom)

Now this was the one necklace I got shortly after the original KS+JS post. I absolutely love the evil eye design; my mom and I have a slight obsession with anything that had the eye on it. When I first saw this I was not to sure because it’s a more delicate choker type necklace and I was really into the long and free fall necklaces, but I saw the way one of my friends wore hers layered with other pieces I had already owned and I was sold, and My mom really liked it and wanted to buy it for me before she moved over seas. I’ll get into how I style and wear this style of necklace and how I fell in love with this style at the end of the post.

Quick Side Story

This is not the original necklace my mom bought me, I actually lost my original necklace on my trip to Dubai and Egypt and I was so heartbroken. It was later replaced once I got home, my friend knew how heartbroken I was and I am so thankful to have it back. It was the sentimental part of the necklace that I was most heartbroken about; because it was the last thing my mom bought me before moving. The necklace still means a lot to me.

The Elisa Necklace (The First Layered Necklace 2nd From the Bottom)

So to be honest, I really have always liked this necklace but not for me. I liked all my necklaces to be long and loose and not feel like a chocker. After owning the Caleb necklace I loved the delicate look and feel of this necklace style, so I instantly knew I was going to be adding this necklace to my collection. There is like two more in this style that I really want. Funny thing about this necklace, I actual bought this for myself and then literally a week later my friend gave me a late Christmas present and bought me this exact necklace. I was planning on exchanging one and getting one of the other colors I want, but after FaceTiming my mom she asked for one. Haha. Twinning with my mom.

How I fell in Love

So what really made me fall in love with these necklaces was the fact that Kendra Scott sales extensions to add onto the necklaces. I bought some to see if I could make them a little longer and see if it would make me like them. Once adding the extensions and saw how they fell, I instantly fell in love. Over all the necklaces have a Delicate and Simple feel that I appreciate and just can complete an outfit. This has caused me to want more pieces that are on the more delicate side, but I still have a lot of love for my original pieces. I’m broadening my Kendra Scott Collection.

So that was my update on my Kendra Scott Collection, and another post on My Obsessions, I will be posting more about things I’m obsessed with in this series. Be sure to check out my original post and I hope you guys enjoyed.

The Caleb Necklace (No Longer Available)

The Elisa Necklace

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