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Friday, February 5, 2016

January Favorites


Welcome back, I cannot believe we are already in February and we are going to talk about my favorites of the month, its just mind blowing. So lets jump right in


Quay Australia “On The Prowl” in Black/Silver

I am obsessed with these, I am still getting used to this style, but over all I love the shape and size of them. I am more of an Aviator person but I do love these and have been reaching for these. I still reach for Aviators but now I am torn on what to wear. I originally bought these on EBay back in December because they were sold out from the Quay website, White Fox Boutique, and NY Glass. But they are back in stock, but act fast because this brand sales out and they sell out quick

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace

I pretty much went over why I love this necklace in the KS+JS Update. I have been non-stop wearing this since I got it and I am loving it. I just love the way it’s so simple yet make a statement on its own.

Skin Care/Beauty

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoo
I have been using this more then I should. I have a hard time using dry shampoo because of some skin/scalp problem, but this has not effected me. I typically go beyond day 2 hair, but I literally now can go to day 3 maybe day4. I know that is not something you all want to hear. I just love that it adds texture to my hair, and adds a little volume at the roots. It also doesn’t leave residue like other dry shampoos. It’s a really good product.

GlamGlow Cleanser

I am already trying out a new cleanser; You can’t say I didn’t warn you about changing cleansers. Haha. Just a reminder, I have combination skin; Oily in the T-zone and Dry everywhere else. I like this cleanser so much it’s a Mud to Foam cleanser, it has active charcoal and deep cleans the pores. I like feeling things work and I can feel it working. So you spread the mud evenly across your face and once you have completely covered your face, you then use the remaining mud in your hand and slowly work water into your hands and then it starts to foam and you slowly work the foam onto your face causing the mud on the face to foam as well to fully feel the effects of the cleanser. This is definitely something new for me, but I am loving the results. Its making me want to breakdown and buy the GlaGlow mask, which reminds me, the directions and bottle and like 3 other places on the packaging it specifically states Not to be used as mask. I just wanted to throw that in there.

Dr. Brandt Skin Care “Pores No More” Exfoliator

This was a product I was not expecting to come across or try a new one. I still really like the Boscia Exfoliator I discussed in my 2015 Favorites Video, but this one came in a Sephora 500 point reward. I was really wanting to redeem some points for this reward because I am obsessed with the Dr. Brandt SOS cream that I again discussed in my 2015 Favorites video, So I was of course wanting to try out more products and what better way then a rewards package with samples of the brand. Dr. Brandt is very pricey so I jumped on this opportunity. This exfoliator worked so well. I really loved the way my pores, especially in my T-zone became less visible, also my skin just really smoothed out. I’m contemplating on actually spending the money to actually buy it, but I wont to finish off my Boscia one first before buying a new one. But I do recommend this exfoliator if anyone is looking for one and also willing to pay the Dr. Brandt Price.


Selena Gomez “Revival” Album

This Album has been on repeat the entire month. I am all for Selena’s new sound and how she just finding her confidence. I really have been needing the I don’t need you, confident, and discovering myself music. The album will have you dancing and feeling yourself and just getting you through a break up in particular or just a low point. It’s really refreshing and you just appreciate the album. It was everything I was needing.

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