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Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Damn Beauty Product Review

Best Damn Lip Mask Review
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Hey Guys, so excited to finally post this review. First off I just want to say, I was not paid or sponsored to post this review in any way, I personally purchased this product and this is my experience and opinion. So lets jump right in.

The product we will be discussing is Best Damn Beauty, Best Damn Lip Mask. The Website states; It is a “Supercharged Lip Hydrator” for daily use, Daytime and Nighttime routines. It smooths, nourishes, and moisturizes the lips with an active blend of certified organic ingredients. 

My Experience

This product did exactly as described. I have always had really chapped lips, to the point they would crack and bleed.. My previous routine consisted of Multiple lip balms and mask mixed together to achieve a softer and healthier looking lips. Once I started religiously applying this to my lips I felt the difference almost immediately. Within the first day of adding this to my daily routine I noticed I didn't have to constantly re-apply or touch up to prevent cracking or chapped lips. I like how its described as a “Supercharged Lip Hydrator” because it super hydrates the lips.


I did add this to my daily and nighttime routine so I am using it often. Nighttime routine; I love/hate the way my lips feel after using this product at night, I love waking up and having noticeably hydrated and healthy lips but at the same time I felt as though they were sensitive as well, like it was overly hydrated and nourished. I didn't list that in a what I didn't like section just because like I said its a love/hate. Thats all I pretty much had to discuss with my nighttime routine. Daytime usage, I love the consistent hydration it provides throughout the day. No more chapped and cracking lips on a daily basis, and enhances natural pigment of the lips which I assume is part of the nourishing part of the mask. I religiously use this daily and I am more consistent when it comes to daily routine, there is reasons why I don't religiously use it for nighttime routine. There is cons to the product for night time and also daily routines, but I’ll discuss those in a bit. 

Packaging and Application

I love the packaging colors and the circle container it comes in. I only like it in the container it comes in if I was strictly using this as part of my nighttime routine. For daytime routine and on the go usage I would appreciate a tube with the classic applicator top, but that isn't a huge deal, I’ve actually gotten used to having it the way it comes. As far as application goes, its super easy, just pick up a small/generous amount with finger or back of the nail (depending on how long your nails are) and apply to lips. The reason why the tube with applicator isn't a huge deal is because I can actually control the amount I’m applying, sometimes with the tube and applicator type you can waste product. 

What I Don't Like About the Product

Okay, so I feel like a lot of what I didn't like is personal preferences, Lol. So since i’ve been separating Nighttime and Daytime I’ll continue that here. Nighttime routine cons, I don't like the thick Tacky/Stickiness when first applied, maybe I apply to much, but I just feel like if i go to sleep my hair is gonna stick to it and my pillows will get the mask all over it. Im not a cute sleeper, I roll and literally visit every inch of my bed… like every night. Lol. Daytime routine cons, because of the thick formula, I have to re-apply because of drinking or eating, either then that if I didn't have to do any of that It would stay consistent, but clearly we have to do that. I guess you can say that those cons are similar as in it transfers very easily, which is expected just because its not a lipstick or liquid lip, its a mask. Also because of the thick/sticky formula the transfer is messy. those were my only complaints. 

Final Thoughts

Will I repurchase?
-Yes, but only one. I bought two, so that way I can have one at home and one in my bag.

Is this my permanent lip product?
-Yes and No.. I will definitely try out other products but I will keep this on hand just because that way I have a back up incase I need to fix my lips. Lol.

Would you recommend this product to other?
-Yes, I think everyone should at least give it a try. I was happy with my results.

Overall Satisfaction?
-I would give this an 8 out of 10, 10 being overly satisfied.

Thats is the end of my review, I hope you guys found that helpful and helped you decide if you would like to purchase the product, I believe it is $26.00 and it is currently only on pre-order. I know this product has been selling out fast every time it is in stock. So if you do get the opportunity to try it out, I think you should jump on it. I will link it down below and keep an eye out for my reviews. 

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and Please check out my other post as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. I put out a video at least once a month.



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