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Friday, January 29, 2016

My 2016

Jon Scott's 2016

Hey guys, welcome back... So todays post is going to be basically going over what I want to accomplish this year in my life. I know, I know, you are probably thinking why couldn’t he just say resolutions. I don’t know… Honestly I never really liked saying, setting, or even using the word resolution and I just recently made this discovery when talking about this with one of my good friends. I was mind blown by this for some reason, like it just all made sense why I was always never into the whole New Years Resolution thing. Anyways, I did want to in a way discuss what I want to accomplish for 2016.

            For my personal life, I’m not going to get into much depth about it but I felt I’d at least bullet point what some of the things I want to accomplish in my personal life.

  •       Smile More
  •       Worry Less
  •       Put Myself First
  •       Learn When to Let Things go; People, Problems, and The Past


Shop My Closet
            I really want to start doing this more. I am so quick to go out and buy a new outfit for a dinner, Night Out, or just pretty much anything that requires me to dress up. I have already started to do this and it’s been pretty satisfying. You really don’t know what you have until you actually look. I am one of those people who complain about having nothing to wear but have literally two closets full of stuff. Literally. So I’m trying to not go out and buy a new outfit anytime I have something to attend. I really need to stop that, I feel like it’s a bad habit, an expensive bad habit, and I’m talking about everything from Jewelry, Shoes, Jackets, Tops, and Bottoms.

Get Organized
            Get Organized. My good friend has literally been telling me this for years. I really do need to get organized in multiple areas of my life. I mostly need to get organized for the blog, scheduling, and Personal stuff. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed with life, which I shouldn’t be because lately my life is anything but overwhelming and stressful now that I have more time on my hands.

            Obviously this was going to come in somewhere. Lol. I do overall want to better my health and fitness. I don’t really like to talk about this because this is something I struggle with, but for my future and my dreams I have, I want to get healthy and fit. Over all my main goals for myself not for just the year but overall I want to get Happy and Healthy.  I’ve always been consistently, inconsistence, and that needs to change. I will be incorporating my journey for my health and fitness in the blog because I have had people ask me questions about my workouts and diet.

My Style
            For my style of 2016… I really want to find myself. I feel like I’m always changing my style and just trying to find what really fits me.. Which I find funny because I feel like in a way I have no idea who I am so it makes sense I can’t dress myself if I don’t know who I am. Lol. That sounded way deeper then I intended. But I do find myself finding more and more of what I like and how I want to dress. Which gives a sense of light.

Thank you

I think I’ve pretty much covered my main focus points of 2016.. I think I got a lot more personal on this then I wanted, but hey I want to take you guys along my journey, I feel like you guys can connect more. I’ve also noticed when I really put me out there you guys tend to appreciate those post more. With that being said, I want to Thank you guys for an Awesome 2015 and all the continued support. Looking forward to 2016 with you all.

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