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Friday, January 22, 2016

2015 Favorite Pt. 2

2015 Favorites pt. 2

Hey guys, so this is continuation of my video, I wanted to cover all me Beauty and Skin Care in the Video, and then bring all my favorite shoes, outfits, and Random other things to the blog. Like I said in the video I didn’t really want to do monthly favorites in 2015 just because I started like halfway through the year, So I decided to wait for my favorites and have a massive 2015 year end favorite, which is why there was 2 parts. Now that it’s a new year I’m definitely going to be doing monthly favorites going forward.  So lets jump right in…


·      My Style Favorites

  •          So this is kind of a continuation of My Favorite Outfit but ways I styled it. Obviously the denim shirt was going to be mentioned again, just because I still reach for it. Overall my looks are pretty simple. I like my basic tees, Graphics, or plain dressy tops and dressing them up. I’ve pretty much just included snapshots from my style update post to showcase my style of 2015. But I saw myself in basic V-necks and Basic tops and dressing them up like I said. 

·      Moto Jacket

  •          This key must have has it own topic because I just love the way a Moto Jacket can just change the look of an entire outfit. I definitely found myself reaching for this towards the colder months. I only have two a Black and a Maroon one and I’ve been wearing them equally.


·      All About Flats
  •           I did see myself wear more flats this year. Partly because I was at an Office job for a good portion of the year, but I did only buy flats I would wear to work and outside of work. Pointed Flats were definitely the trend when purchasing flats. I also gravitated more towards nude flats and taupe colored flats. I did have one basic pair of black. The Chinese Laundry “D’orsay Flat” was my favorite shoe this year. I literally had them in all the colors I was most purchasing this year.

·      Lets Talk Boots
  •        Now I will say boots are a hit or miss with me. I either really love them or I just don’t wear them. Also when it comes to the style they are either over the knee, which is really difficult to find at my height, or they were booties. I only bought one pair of over the knee boot this year, which I must admit were different from anything I owned, and I finally bought booties. The tall boots I first bought where over the knee taupe fringe boots which I was not really sure of but I ended up really loving them. This fall season I did see myself wanting to wear booties or ankle boots more then I felt the need to wear tall boots. The three pair I found were from Nordstrom Rack and I am completely obsessed, I bought one worn brown, a rust suede pair and a pair of black ones. I mostly wore the browns and not really found myself wearing the black, but I will admit I have been wearing them more so in 2016. Haha.


·     Music
  •           Now this year I must admit, I really ventured on music. Mostly because my best friend and I are music freaks and love attending shoes and just discussing music in general. I should have known this its was bound to happen because we first bonded over music. Haha. Good times. ACL was definitely where most of my music ventures began, I mean there was so many different genres of music present I couldn’t help but start a musical adventure. Two Bands I really grew to Love after ACL was Glass Animals and Twenty One Pilots. Those two sets at the festival were in my top 10 most memorable. I was really vibing with Glass Animals at there show, I find myself getting lost when I listen to them when I run, not Literally but you know what I mean. Their sound is unique and so different you cant help but appreciate and love them. Twenty One Pilots, my interest in this group is… I don’t know, I just really like their music. They also just have a unique sound that you can’t help but keep listening. Also the Energy of this show was on another level, Like it was so intense and just overall an experience. They are on my must watch again. My Favorite songs from Glass Animals has to be, “Gooey” and “Cocoa Hooves”, Twenty One Pilots, “Car Radio” and “Stressed Out”.

·      Books
  •                This category I wasn’t too sure if I was going to include books.. I read more this year on a personal level, Like I read them on my own, and I didn’t find to many that were like “Let me pick up and read again”. I read Paper Towns, If I Stay, and Several other just to give a mention. The one book that I absolutely loved was “Strong Looks Better Naked” by Khloe Kardashian. Now I know its 50/50 when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner Family, but I am a fan, In a way they remind me of my family which I can appreciate. But Its not about them its about the book. There is several reasons why I loved this book but Im going to keep this short. We have all have had times in our lives where we struggle with personal demons and feel defeat and just need hard honest truth to get us back on our feet. I feel like when Khloe came up with the concept of this book she kept it Real, she didn’t sugar coat anything and basically sounded like me when I tell things how they are. Sometimes instead of a hand we need a good kick in the ass to get us up and better ourselves and I feel like this book offers that. Me personally I connected with the book because I am currently on the same journey she is which is strengthening mind, body, and heart. Overall sometimes we just need guidance on where to begin and I feel like this book is really great to help you with that. Don’t believe me.. Just pick up the book yourself and give it a read.

So that concludes my 2015 favorites and I really hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you guys have any questions on any products or items I went over I’ll be more then happy to talk about them.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more post.


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