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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jon Scott's Obsession

Kendra Scott + Jon Scott

You may have noticed some new pieces to my jewelry collection over the last couple of post, compared to my Statement Piece and Golden Age post, remember those post were from when I first started, but I really wanted to update you all on my current jewelry obsession. I am still on the gold obsession, but most Importantly I am obsessed with Kendra Scott. I originally was trying to stay away because It was a tad pricey and the pieces I saw were really not something I would wear, but my good friend works at one of our local Boutiques and I was loving her looks and how she styled them! I then ventured in one day and walked out with two pieces, which now has turned into 4 pieces. I would have more but my mom took some for herself, which I don't mind. But Lets talk about the pieces I do have and can't get enough of.

The Rayne Necklace
This was my first style I purchases, My first one was gold and white which is not pictured. I was given the black stone and gold necklace for christmas from my best friend, and this pretty much goes with everything I own. Everything about this necklace is just simple yet stands out. Its Classic Kendra. The Abalone Shell and gold necklace was a quick pick up, I had an outfit on and needed something else, it just felt plain, So I went to Kendra and My friend was there and I told her I just need a necklace for this outfit. She suggested none other than the Rayne Style, she offered the Abalone or a gun metal necklace, I went with this Abalone because I had actually been eyeing ever since I saw her with it on. I just think this style is great for every occasion, and can really turn an outfit around. I honestly think if you are thinking of purchases something from Kendra the Rayne Necklace is an absolute must or great started piece. 

The Phara and The Nemera Necklace
I am obsessed with these two necklaces. I wear them alone, I wear them layered with the Rayne Necklaces, and I even layer them together. I can't get enough of these. The first one I purchased was the Nemera, pictured on the right, which I loved when I first saw it, its so delicate yet it can be on its on and stand out. I mainly bought it to layer with the Rayne Necklace but I tend to reach for it on its own. The Phara Necklace I never thought I'd purchase until I gifted it to my best friend, who styled it flawlessly, and so I had to get it. I don't not regret this purchase because it is currently my go to piece alone or layered, for every look. This style can be left open or tied together, I usually leave it open. These two need to be on your KS must haves.

The Roni Cuff
I am literally in Love with this cuff.. This was given to me by my best friend for my birthday, and its has literally become apart of me ever since. Its stands out on its own and has kicked the arm candy trend, that I was obsessed with, to the curb. I wear this with every outfit, and pretty much everyday, if you follow me on instagram or snapchat the evidence is there, its my favorite pieces out of all my jewelry. Its literally everything to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, There is Links below on the pieces featured in the post, If I have any Kendra Scott obsessed readers comment below and tell me your favorite styles.

  - Jon Scott

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