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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jon Scott's Favorite Look Pt. 1

One of My Many Everyday/Go to Looks

Alright Everyone, Give me a little break on this post as this is a Back-up post. I was originally going to Blog my outfit in Dubai, but that was an Epic fail, I will get into it a little more on my vlog. Which I am proud to say Yes! I have been Filming. Anyways back to the post. Lets talk about Go To/Favorite Outfits. Everyone has one that they just immediately run to in any occasion. I am super guilty of wearing this outfit for Events and Just running around doing errands. Its just overall trendy, comfy, and ready to go at anytime, also meaning I have multiple of each item so I can wear this at anytime. Ha!

The Denim Shit
I had this shirt for awhile now, and I really only bought it for work at my previous job, but Overtime I grew to Love it as just something to pop over an outfit. Its so comfy and relaxed, but it still gives an outfit an on trend feel. I think I have over used this trend as it can be seen all over my Instagram. I just love it and cannot retire it.

The Basic Tee
Now the tee is something that can be changed out. I usually opt for this H&M Basic Scoop Jersey Tee, its so lightweight and breathable, because I’m in Texas and when its summer layers are the last thing a lot of people are reaching for on an outfit. Back to the Tee, I have switched up and opted for a white v-neck, a Black and white striped tee, or a gray v-neck. In my opinion when it comes to this outfit I feel as though any white tee or any solid gray tee can work really well.

Now the shoes in this case are very different. I change between Sandals, these Tory Burch Miller Sandals (Flip-Flops), Converse, or boots. Since it is still Summer I decided to post with my miller sandals. This just makes the outfit easy and simple, especially with the nude color of the sandals.

For accessories I honestly, add jewelry, don’t add anything, throw on a scarf, or just throw on my cuff and go. Its really just depends on how I feel or what my day is going to consist of. Most of the time I just have my cuff for a little added sparkle.

As far as the bottoms go, Well They are Leggings. What is more comfortable then leggings.

Again thanks for bearing with me, I know this is a back up post. So Share with me your favorite/go to outfits, I’d Love to see them, Post a Pic on IG and tag me by using #MyOutfitJS or comment down below.

P.S. I can’t wait to share my adventures in the Middle East with you.



(I Will Post Links to The Outfits As Soon As I Get Back to The States, Don't Want to Post Foreign links)

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