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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Egypt Vlog

My First Vlog


Hey Guys I am super excited to share my FIRST VLOG! I had a zoom lens on my camera the entire time so the videos, Yeah, I apologize..

So the First couple of clips are actually in Dubai. The Story behind Dubai and the Failed Outfit was, I did not have converters to straighten my hair and I forgot an undershirt and it was just a mess, We ended up having to Check our baggage which I did not plan too. So I was rushing to take out clothes last minute, which is why it was such a fail. However I didn't let that stop me! I still went out and explored! I am super excited I got to experience Dubai.

The rest of the video clips were just short clips because  a lot of locals do not like being filmed or have their picture taken, so.. when I did film I did it in small intervals unless the temple or area I was filming was completely empty. 

Well I hope everyone enjoys! I am working on producing better Vlogs. So Bare with me!

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