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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beauty Haul, Travel Edition

Travel Must Haves

Hey guys so this post is going to be a theme for the next couple of weeks. As I am preparing for my trip over seas I needed a Few products to get me through the flight. 10+ hours is a long time and with that dry air in the plane my face is going to be dry. So first off My skin type is combination only for some areas that are scared from my eczema, areas of my face have signs of it but for the other parts they are oily, So when it comes to my skin I take extra steps to take care of it. Back to the main topic, its been awhile since I've traveled this far so I had to grab my must have travel essential.

I know this may seem crazy/extreme but these sheet mask really keep my face moisturized and they are super affordable. These two are my favorite; The Rose Mask and The Lotus Mask, The reason I have so many is one of my close friends is traveling with me so I bought extras just in case he wants to moisturize his face. But these for sure will keep my face nice and soft for my flights.

Next on the pick up is the Evian Mineral Water Spray. Now I must admit this pick up was just a compulsive buy, I had no intentions to buy these but Someone on youtube showed how she travels with them and I saw them While waiting in line to purchase my other products. Anyways, we will see how this goes, because I need all the moisture I can get.

This lip mask by BITE was for sure on my list. I am addicted to lip balms and I had recently run out of my favorite Sugar Rosa lip balm and so I was on the hunt for a new one. I like this one because the main ingredient is Agave and I love all natural ingredients. Several people have recommended this mask as a every day lip balm and mask. The ingredients are what immediately sold me. I will post a review on how it works out for me once I use it for awhile. 

This next item was something I was so excited for, I have seen these around on youtube and was dying to get some. I finally bought them since I was in Sephora, they are by the same people who make beauty blenders, which I love my beauty blender, so I knew right away I was going to like them. Since I am going to places where its known for the heat I knew I had to have these on me. I become super oily when I'm hot and so I need these instead of the Oil free papers. I literally can't wait to try these. I will also post a review later on these. 

Next item I purchased is The Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow Wiz, in Dark Brown. I have been using the Brow Box by Urban Decay, which I love, but I didn't like to travel with it because even though it is small, its also bulky, in my opinion, so I opted for an easier on/easy to go brow fill. I have been wanting to try it out for some time now, but every time I went in to purchase they were sold out in the color I needed. So I finally found it and was super excited I could get it and have it on this trip. I will also review this item. 

Also with the Purchase from Sephora I got this free travel beauty bag, which I cannot say how perfect it is for my new stuff. This is def a Keep for future trips.

Im super excited for my trip and cannot wait to upload my first Vlog documenting this trip. If you guys follow me on Snapchat I did kind of spill where I am traveling too, but I have also been talking about it. If you don't know, you will have to wait and see once I upload the Vlogs. But at this point I don't think its a secret. I know I just started posting again but I don't know if I am going to be able to post while I'm away. I leave on Thursday and won't be back for a few weeks. I will try and post while over there but I'm not making any promises. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this Haul, I honestly was going to Film it but I got so busy with packing and preparing for the trip I didn't have time. Till next time.


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