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Sunday, August 9, 2015

What’s in My Clutch?

Hey guys, I thought it was appropriate to start off the new post on the new blog with an Updates What’s in My Bag. My first post I did was with my Neverfull, which I still use, but I have been wanting to branch out because I feel like I always use it. Since I was on the blog break I did receive a YSL Belle Du Jour Clutch for Christmas and it was the breathe of fresh air I was needing. I Love using this clutch when going to dinner or just wanting to use an easy bag. Anyways back to the main topic I wanted to give you an inside look at what exactly is in my clutch. Since this is a clutch this is going to be quick and easy. I did use this clutch today, went out to dinner with some family so this is literally what I had in my clutch.   

Like in my similar post I do tend to carry my life with me. I always have a pair of sunglasses, which is my oversized RayBan Aviators in the Gold with Dark Lenses. I’ve kind of been crazy obsessed with these, these are literally everything I was looking for in sunglasses. I also have my hand sanitizer, which I Kind of always carry no matter what, and I also have my lip balms. I’m kind of crazy about having at least on lip balm on me, in this situation I think I kept grabbing a different one each time I used my clutch and now I have all of them in there. I have in my clutch my old cell phone as well as my new phone, I am currently trying to Vlog and start that up so I am using my old cell phone when I can’t have my camera with me, so that’s why I have both cell phones in my bag. BTW This Vlogging is a commitment. I do have several jewelry options in my clutch. I don’t want to get into to much detail about them because I am currently working on a post that will go into more detail about them. These pieces are from Kendra Scott, which is a current obsession I have. And that’s as much as I am going to get into that. I also have of course my I.D. most of the time and I also have my Lydia Tickets for their upcoming tour. I have already misplaced them and so I threw them into my clutch that way I know I wont lose them anywhere else, I may forget where they are at but I know they’ll be on me come time for the concert, because this clutch tends to end up in my Neverfull. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

 -Jon Soctt

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