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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jon Scott

New is the keyword in today's post. I really have taken some time to really evaluate what my goals are for my blog and what I wanted to accomplish. Overall I have a new direction, new outlook, and a new way I wanted to Re-Vamp Jon Scott. I really want this to open to a wider audience. There is more to me then the clothes, bags, and accessories. There is beauty, life, technology, traveling, health, and so much more to look at when it comes to things I incorporate into my life. I decided that I wanted to really do a lifestyle blog because I feel like I do dip my toes into a little bit of everything, Some more then others but overall I feel as though this would allow more people to actually connect and relate to my post. I want to thank everyone that has asked me about my blog and when to expect a new post. I am not going to promise consistent posting, I am going to try and post at least once a week.  That brings me to my next topic; I have decided I do want to Vlog some parts of my life to let you all see a much more in depth look into my life. 

With new ventures for my blog comes a new style. I have noticed, as I have been taking the time away from the blog, I have started dressing differently and Unintentionally re-vamped my style. The Pics in this post are a few looks that I have really taken a liking too and have been consistent looks that I tend to use as my “go to” outfit. These Pics were obviously taken from my phone which I liked the idea of that since These are actual looks I wear as a part as my everyday/"go to" Outfits.. 

I just wanted to say thanks again, and expect some exciting new things for Jon Scott Fashion.


  -Jon Scott

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