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Saturday, June 27, 2015

What's In My Bag?

So I decided to do a little rite of passage, every one knows its a big important part of every Fashion Bloggers blog. What better way then to kick things off and give a little more insight to my journey.

Whats In My Bag?

As a lover of high fashion and all fashion for that matter, its obvious I would have a designer bag. My Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier is My Obsession. I use it 24/7 because it just lives up to its name, Its literally never full. The pattern and color are so easy to blend with almost every outfit. The Bright red interior is just flawless it gives a pop of color. I can’t get enough of this bag. I feel like every fashion lover should own one.
My Wallet
Everyone knows a bag of this size isn’t right for a night on the town. So when deciding which wallet I wanted I tried to find one that can go from in wallet to clutch in no time. My YSL zip around wallet was the final decision. It adds a pop to every outfit and is so versatile and light weight. The only problem I have is that its The same red as the lining of my bag, so when it comes down to having it in my bag and me getting it out is a scavenger hunt.
Everything I Need
Of course I carry my life around, If not how would I function (My Phone).
Im the type of person that carries around everything to prepare for something that may come up. Like deodorant if you need a refresh, small accessories for quick changes or backups, and a Headband just in case the hair doesn’t want to work with the sudden weather changes. I also have a variety of lip balms and lip glosses just to keep it cute. I also Just recently started carrying my Nikon D3000 just in case I find inspiration or something I must snap. I just recently received it as a gift from my good friend and fellow Fashion Blogger VentiFashion, a blog you must look up. Also I always have my nerd glasses, the can make a look completely different and I always have them.
I feel like everyone should have three pairs of sunglasses always available or have in general. You must have; Your Perfect Black Pair, Your Perfect Brown, and The Perfect Aviators. My mom currently is always using My aviators which are The Rayban Large Rose Aviators which I absolutely love. My Perfect Black pair of sunglasses are The Dior Glossy 1. I Love the shape and size. They are also the perfect hangover sunglasses… Yes Guilty as charged. Finally my latest sunglasses invest meant are my Gold TOM FORD Oversized Gold Catherine Sunglasses. I can’t get enough of them, the shape and style is so unique. they are like Aviators and Oversized frames put in one. Sunglasses are important to have all year round, especially in Texas.
Once again I want to Apologize for the late post, My Schedule has been crazy lately and I want to do more videos, but Im not promising anything. 

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