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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Golden Age

The Golden Age

I haven’t always been into bracelets and jewelry, it’s actually a new thing for me. Ever since my dad bought me the parker watch by Michael Kors I became obsessed with arm candy looks. I used to always, when I did buy something, choose silver pieces and always stayed away from gold. When picking out my first watch I wanted to go outside my comfort zone but play it safe to make sure I used it. When I first laid eyes on the parker I knew instantly this was the one. It was the perfect mix of Silver and Gold so I could mix metals and start incorporating gold into my accessories. Soon after getting my watch I bought my first bracelet to go with my watch, I had decided to get a gold piece from Juicy Couture that was simple and a great starter to my collection. Once I wore them together for the first time I was instantly hooked on gold, I just realized what I was missing out on for years by not wearing gold or even a watch. I’ve been slowly collecting the past few months and realized the trend in my buying has been gold. While Collecting I’ve also started collecting midi rings. As one hand and wrist have been getting more and more crowded my other was bare. I didn’t want to start collecting on another wrist so I decided to balance out my other side with a dramatic piece that was unique and just absolutely gorgeous when I saw it. The more I’ve been looking into arm candy collections the more and more I see they consist mostly of gold pieces. I plan to continue adding more pieces. I haven’t really decided how big I want to go but Ill post pictures here and there to keep you all Updated.


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