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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jon Scott

I’m here to do more then just exist, This is my journey to LIVE. I am who I am and I will never apologize for that ever again. I’m a lover of Fashion and Laughter, I love to play with Makeup, because when I was little I was always told thats only for girls, So like true JS Fashion, I’m breaking the rules. I search for my soul in the Clouds and Travel as often as I can. I have an honest voice. I believe you can see a persons spirit when they dance. I get lost in Music, often..I am in no way shape or form perfect, and perfection isn't my goal. I live for the memories of long car rides and forgetting what society is telling us what we should be doing. I never forget when we are, in the exact moment, who we are meant to be. I’ve learned to never fear shedding tears, and to love, always love.. I’ve always felt my purpose was to tell a story and here I am sharing mine.

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